The nightlock lockdown permits the teacher to lock all the doors from the inside of the room. East and fast door barricade. The capability to lockdown from the inside of the classroom will take away the exposure to any hostile intruders. The nightlock lockdown is anchored very well to the floor and takes advantage of the strength of the floor. It can endure huge amount of force.

On a typical classroom door, an active shooter or an intruder can bread the door window and reach and have an access to the door know in order to open the door. On the other hand, with the use of the nightlock lockdown installed at the level of the floor, it can’t be reached. So now, you are given the chance to look down the door right away. Just by merely dropping the lock handle, you are locking the door. Keep in mind that the classroom door is your last line of final defense. Don’t depend just on the perimeter access control electronic systems. Whether you space is just a three room day care area, or even a 500 classroom college dorm or school, the nightlock lockdown security door locks will make it easier for you and it is the most cost-effective solution.

The nightlock door security bar is composed of a smooth floor plate, door plate as well as a locking handle. By means of taking advantage on the strength of the floor, it is able to endure a huge amount of force. On a conventional classroom door, the intruder has a high chance of getting inside the classroom by means of breaking the window of the door and hen reaching out for the door knob, but this is not the case if you will consider using the nightlock lockdown.

nightlock lockdown – keep it protected and safe
The connecting handle of the nightlock lockdown can be easily stored in a safe area inside the classroom by the teacher. The wall box is given with each and every unit an can be placed anywhere inside the classroom in order for it to be accessed so easily in the event of a lockdown situation. The handle is color red so that it can be seen so easily. A lot of schools have a preference of placing the handle at the desk of the teacher or just near the door.

We don’t know what will happen next, so be sure to install a nightlock lockdown in the classroom.

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